Enterprise Global not loading after migration to Project Server 2019

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Great to see so many people upgrading to the latest - but one issue we have heard is that the Enterprise Global template (EGT) cannot be opened in Project Server 2019 after the migration.  The problem appears to be that the Project UID for the EGT is changed - then it cannot be found under its new GUID.  Often this is seen to be happening when migrations start at an earlier release - like 2010 or 2013, but from the reports we have the problem only occurs at the final stage - and the EGT opened just fine in 2016.

The solution requires a bit of work in SQL Server, so if you are not comfortable working in SQL then either work with the database administrator for Project Server - or of course open a support ticket.  Always best too - if you either take a SQL backup before making any changes - or make the changes just after your normal backups occur - in case you need to revert.

To detect the issue you would first run a query like this one - substituting your content database name for dbname:


use dbname


select PROJ_UID, PROJ_NAME from pjpub.msp_projects where proj_name like '%eglobal%'


This may return a result similar to the following:


PROJ_UID                                                                           PROJ_NAME

75CDD7DB-1B68-4B70-A8D6-2FE52DA83ACD                 EGlobal

87537CC3-5AF6-421E-A42F-A27CB2A2EFA2                    EGlobal-20150320041555


Here, the EGlobal has the proper association to PROJ_UID = 75CDD7DB-1B68-4B70-A8D6-2FE52DA83ACD (this is the static GUID) and an older version of the EGlobal is shown here (the second row).


If the EGlobal has a different UID, then it’ll need to be updated to use the proper one.


For example, suppose the returned result looks like this:


PROJ_UID                                                                           PROJ_NAME

DF59652B-073D-4FB1-A16E-1F7233C439AE                    EGlobal

87537CC3-5AF6-421E-A42F-A27CB2A2EFA2                    EGlobal-20150320041555


You’d need to run an update query that looks similar to this:


use dbname


Update pjpub.msp_projects

Set PROJ_UID = '75CDD7DB-1B68-4B70-A8D6-2FE52DA83ACD'

where PROJ_UID = 'DF59652B-073D-4FB1-A16E-1F7233C439AE'


Use the GUID (in this example starting 'DF59,,,' that is the incorrect GUID returned from the previous select statement.

If this doesn't solve the problem - or if the GUID looks to be ok, then you have a different problem and would need to open a support ticket.

Thanks to Adrian and Ajith for help with putting these details together - and Dale and Paul for alerting us to the issue.

My suspicion is that this is a 2019 client issue - as just changing the GUID to try and repro the issue in 2016 does not give any problems - the EGT opens just fine whatever GUID it has...

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