Project for the web - September 2020 Update

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Our team recently updated the items on the Microsoft 365 Public Roadmap. You can see our upcoming features and when those features will be available! 

You can let us know what you think about these new features on Microsoft UserVoice. Join an existing thread or create a new one to tell us how to make Project better.  

We also love feedback on existing features! If you have feedback, submit it by using the ‘Feedback’ button in Project for the web. Make sure to include your email so we can contact you directly with any follow up questions or comments. We also monitor the comments on all blog posts, so let us know what you think about this or other articles! 


New Features: 

  • Task Custom Fields: Store custom information about your projects efficiently by adding custom fields! For more information, check out the blog post on this feature.  
  • Dynamics 365 Project Operations: Our team partnered with Dynamics to help launch Project Operations, a new application that has everything you need to run your service business. Check out our new features and capabilities released as part of wave 2 on October 1stFor more information on this product, check out the Project Operations overview page 
  • Group by Assigned to: You can organize your tasks by assignee in the Board view. Get insight into what each person is working on! This feature should now be available to all Project users.  
  • Self-Service OnboardingCustomers can make a self-service purchase online. New users can try out Project and other Microsoft solutions on their own! Check out the FAQ page for this feature to learn more. 


Upcoming Features: 

  • Project & Roadmap in Microsoft Teams: Starting in October, you’ll be able to add a project or roadmap as a tab in Teams. Chat with your teammates while viewing and updating your work. 
  • Export to Excel: Export your project grid into an Excel spreadsheet. Share this information with colleagues and analyze Project data using the power of Excel! 
  • Share projects with groups you don’t own: You can see all your added groups when you add a group to your project. Easily share your work with all the important people without creating new groups. 



Answers to top questions: 

Q: was not able to attend Ignite this year, but I still want to watch some sessions! How can I do that? 

Microsoft has several recorded sessions from Ignite that you can watch. Here are links to some of our favorites: 

Also, we have some post-Ignite opportunities for customer connection. These conversations will run through October and cover a range of topics. You can find more information on these expert connects, including the list of events & the sign up page, on this site. The sign up form for these events can be found here 

New Contributor

Very excited for the teams integration...cannot wait for the function to be live.


One question though, has anyone else mentioned that you cannot change the o365 group assigned to a project once set?


We did a company o365 group update, and we needed to remove the old groups from teams, however we lost access to the project once the o365 team site was removed. I figured out a go around to change the group... by removing the o365 group from AAD, opening the project, and I was able to select a new group. My question is to see if you all were aware of the limfac and if it was a planned fix? Thank you all!

Senior Member

What I really miss is the Project and Planner or future Tasks integration! I like the new timeline, I like the grid view (which is coming to Planner too), but from the Planner, I miss - comments, mentions, attachements and lists.

Frequent Contributor

@Microsoft Project Team, is this the right place to ask about updates to the Project Desktop client? My team noticed this last month's updates buried the "publish" button behind sub-menu... and everyone hates it. Maybe there's a good reason? Please help us understand.


Before the update, we could click "file" and be presented with the "publish" button. Now we're landed on "home" and have to click on "info". That's a new and extra click every single time... hard to understand when publishing is so key to the business process for making updates appear within Project Online.

New Contributor

@Microsoft Project Team I just noticed that project is available in teams today, however only in public channels...not in private channels. Will this be resolved in later updates, or does this have to do with the who separate SharePoint structure of private channels? If there is somewhere better to get responses please let me know.

Occasional Contributor

Same here, only available to Standard / Public channels, not to Private ones... :\

@MatthewGibbs Right now, you cannot change the project group once it has been set. This is known functionality, and we do not have upcoming plans to change this. If you need to change your project's group, you can copy the project & apply a new group. 


@Ian Bruckner This change was made to make Project more consistent with the rest of Office. If you want, you can add publish to your Quick Action Toolbar (QAT), which is on the top left with undo.


Thanks everyone for the feedback! We will look into the Teams comments and let you know our findings.


Senior Member

@Microsoft Project Team Is there be a seamless migration path from Project for the Web to Project Operations? We want to start small with Project for the web and eventually expand to a more fully-featured, end-end project management ERP. 

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