Project for the web - October 2020 Update
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Many features that are requested through Microsoft UserVoice appear on the Microsoft 365 Public Roadmap when they are in development and within months of being rolled out. If you follow UserVoice, submit suggestions for new capabilities, continue to vote on other user’s feature requests, or track which submissions receive the most votes.  If you don’t follow this forum, come join and help us make Project better.


Feedback on existing features is also welcomed! If you have feedback, submit it by using the ‘Feedback’ button in Project for the web. Make sure to include your email so we can contact you directly with any follow up questions or comments. Your comments on our blog posts are also monitored, so let us know what you think about this or other articles.


New Features: 

  • Project & Roadmap in Microsoft Teams: Add your project or roadmap as a tab in Teams! Learn more about this feature by checking out our blog post.
  • Share projects with groups you don’t own: You can see all your groups when you add a group to your project. Easily share your work with  the people who are import to your project without creating new groups.
  • Scroll to date in Timeline: Starting in November, you can automatically jump to any date on the timeline using our Go to date button on the Timeline view.


Upcoming Features:

  • Export to Excel: Export your project grid into an Excel spreadsheet. Share this information with colleagues and analyze Project data using the power of Excel!


Answers to top questions:

Thanks for all your comments on last month’s blog!

Q: I cannot change the Microsoft 365 group assigned to my project once I've set the group. Is this correct?

A: Right now, you can’t change the project group once it has been set. This is known functionality, and there are no present plans to change it.

However, when you copy a project, your group is not copied. If you need to assign a new group to a project, the best way to do that is to copy the project & assign the new group.


Q: Can I add projects to private channels in Teams?

A:  Currently, you cannot add projects to private channels as private channels are not integrated with M365 groups.

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