Project for the web - June 2020 Update

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Welcome to the June update for Project for the web!


The new features called out below may look familiar if you follow Project on the Microsoft 365 Public Roadmap,  which gives advanced notice on pending releases of larger features.  Additionally, other new capabilities mentioned in both this blog and future blogs will be appearing in the monthly “What’s new in Project" article, which will list out new larger and smaller features that already have rolled out.


The feedback you provide through the “Feedback” button in the product or UserVoice on Project for the web (or maybe both!) plays a vital role on how we approach new features. Please keep this feedback coming! We read every submission we get and try to respond as needed. Be sure to provide an email address so we can reach out for further information.


What’s the latest?

  • Copy Project ~ You can copy an existing project and use it to create a new project. This feature should now be available to all Project for the web users. To find more information on this feature, please check out our Copy Project blog post!
  • View persistence ~ Collapsing summary tasks and custom column width in Grid view will remain the same when you reload or reopen your projects.
  • Office 365 user view to Project and Roadmap  ~ All O365 users should be able to access Project and Roadmap as guests. 

What’s coming next?

  • Custom Fields at the Task Level ~ Create custom fields in Project for the web to allow you to store custom information about your projects!
  • Add Roadmap reports to the PowerBI template ~ Starting very soon, you will be able to export data from roadmaps to PowerBI. Keep an eye out for future announcements and blog posts about this new functionality!
  • Teams Integration for Project and Roadmap~ Right now, you can add Roadmaps and Projects as Web tabs in Teams. However, you soon will be able to add Projects and Roadmaps as an app in Teams.


Answers to top questions

Q: What admin permissions level is required to change working hours for a project calendar?

A: Dynamics 365 admins should have the permissions level to change working hours for project or resource calendars. If you need help with permissions for changing the project calendar, contact your systems admin.



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Any chance of an export version (i.e to excel) or even its as PNG file or to offer a view only option for users who dont have it?

@Richard_W_01 with the new update, users who are added to the project with an O365 license can view the project. You can learn more about it here: Additionally, we are planning on improving our export capabilities - you can follow the development here.  



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Est-ce qu'il est planifié de pouvoir importer un projet qui a été monté sur Project Web à partir du logiciel Microsoft Project?




Improving export, copy & paste would be very helpful to the users.


I was all excited to see Project it in my app list but then I was quite disappointed when I saw "No license to create a project". 


At least if Planner was functional, I wouldn't be so disappointed.


@Jason Drew you need a Project Plan 1, 3 or 5 license to create projects. However, with an O365 license such as E3 or E5, you can view projects that are shared with you. You can see those projects shared with you in Project Home, and if you open up any that people send to you, they'll show up in your Recents section of Home. Hope this helps!

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Hi @jackieduong 


Just to clarify: I'm also having trouble with Project; My 365 premium business plan shows me having access to Project for Office (Plan E5) but I get the same message when I try and open a project: "No license to create a project."


So, doesn't my plan let me create a project?






Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 19.12.19.jpg


@ChrisMul Project is a separate license, named "Project Plan 1, Project Plan 3 or Project Plan 5". You'll need one of those for create access. Anything with E3/E5, like the service plan "Project for Office (Plan E5)" that you mention gets you read only access to projects and roadmaps that are shared with you. 


Hope this helps!

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Hi there:


I have heard that the 500 task limitation has already been committed to a release, but, I don't see it referenced in your O365 Project for the web roadmap.  We are in the process of working through an implementation with Project Operations that uses Project for the web and, of course, the 500 task limitation is an impediment.  The Project Operations team said that they thought it was expected to be released by end of the calendar year.  There are many other folks that I am sure would move to using Project Operations but for the 500 task limitation since it will only be applicable to projects that have a very short lifespan.  OR items being tracked are at a very high level.  Appreciate any information that you can provide on this.  TIA!


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