Project for the web - December Update

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Happy Holidays & Happy New Year from the Microsoft Project team!  


We are very excited for 2021 and all the new features we will be rolling out for you to use. 

As always, we love your feedback! If you have feedback, submit it using the ‘Feedback’ button in Project for the web. Make sure to include your email so we can contact you directly with any follow up questions or comments. We also read all the comments on our blog posts, so let us know what you think about this and other articles.  


New features: 

  • Task attachmentsStarting in January, you can add file and link attachments to your tasks in Project for the web.  
  • API for importing .mpp files into Project for the web: Starting in January, you can use an API to import your Project Desktop files into Project for the web. Easily import and start working online quickly. 
  • Quick look column: A new column in the Grid will show you additional information about your tasks. 


Upcoming features: 

  • Deploy Project to different environmentsOrganizations will have more flexibility in how they deploy Project for the web. You will be able to use multiple environments, not just the Default one  
  • Email notifications: Turn on notifications to see when you are assigned new tasks or alert you when a task’s due date is coming up.  
  • Export timeline to PDF: Export your timeline to a PDF file so you can share it with non-Project users and external stakeholders.   
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These are great features.  It does seem like Project for the web and the desktop versions are diverging in terms of functionality.  Are there plans to bring them back together?

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Any news on the most requested feature. The above are helpful, but their usefulness is corrupted from the missing UX requested.


Users need a consolidated view of all their work, whether it comes from Project, Planner, or To Do.



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@Microsoft Project Team, thanks for all the excellent features that you keep delivering.


We have an important usability ask, which is that the expand/collapse state is not global, but local. It's very frustrating to work in Project for the Web and suddenly see the entire plan shift up/down because another user is expanding/collapsing the hierarchy. We have an ongoing project with 20 users and it happens a lot. Thanks!

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@Microsoft Project Team, I do not yet see that any of the NEW FEATURES mentioned above are available in our current projects. When will they be rolled out?

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How about the ability to restore deleted tasks and/or projects in Project for the Web? Is this on the immediate timeline? We have no way currently to restore a deleted project.

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@Microsoft Project Team, I still dont see any of the December features in my Project/tenant. Are they rolled out yet? Its January 15 now :)

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dear @Microsoft Project Team, can you elaborate on the functionality of Quick look”, what is it for? what can of information is being displayed on that field.


Hi all! Thanks for your questions!


The new features should now be available to all users in Project for the web. Check your task details to find the 'Add attachments' button.


Thanks for your feature requests! We love to see your new ideas. I would also recommend submitting these thoughts through the in-app Feedback button that we have. This will help us if we have further questions about what exactly you would like to see in Project for the web. 


@Fsarmiento The Quick look column shows icons that represent different entities on your task that don't have their own column. For example, before this column, there was no grid indicator of which tasks did and didn't have notes. You can now see which tasks have these entities. We hope to expand on this in the future to make it even more useful. Please let us know what other information you would like to see here!





Hi @MargaretSchmit  - On the topic of Attachments- I see Add Attachments in the Task details dialog but only Links is enabled. Upload from desktop or OneDrive are both grayed out. Does this have to be enabled by our environment admin?  To provision storage?



@ChipTemm-tt You need to add a group to your project to be able to add file attachments to your tasks. This is because the file attachments are stored in your group's SharePoint site, so we need a group to know where to put the files!


That did the trick @MargaretSchmit .  It makes sense but is not too obvious. Suggestion: highlight this when creating a Project. There is really no dialog for creating a project, but  filling out the Project Details would be a logical start- including adding Groups.

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