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Based on the many requests from you, email notifications are now available for you to connect directly with coworkers on the work being tracked in Project.  Your team members will get a notification once they have been assigned a task or have been added to a project. 





How it works  

To turn on notifications:   

  1. To reach the Project Home, type in the Search box of your browser.  
  2. Click the Settings icon in the top right corner of the page.  
  3. Click the Notifications Settings link.  
  4. Select the notification settings you want.  
  5. Click the Done button.  



Scenarios to try 

Assign a task: 

  • In an existing shared project, create a task and assign it to one of your teammates. 
  • Within 10 seconds, your teammate should receive an email with links to take them directly to the project or assigned task. 

Create a new project: 

  • Create a project normally in Project Home and assign a group to your project. 
  • Group members should get an email within 10 seconds, notifying them that they’ve been added to a new group. They can use the link in the email to directly open the project. 


If you have feedback about this or any other feature, you can let us know, either in the comments of this blog post or through our in-app feedback button. To submit feedback through the in-app button, click on the smile icon in the ribbon in Project. This will display three feedback options through which you can submit feedback. Please be sure to include your email so we can reach out to you if we have any follow ups about your comment. 




Occasional Visitor

This is better than not having any notifications but really if a user has been assigned a task they should have a calendar invite or integration with Microsoft To Do.


I agree with @Matt__uk to make Project for the web usable, it needs to be integrated with Outlook Calendars and To Do.

Occasional Visitor

Nice add.  However, is there a way to turn this off globally at the admin level?  Or will each user have to turn it off?  How about a way to turn it off at the Project level.  For example, we often create Project Schedules as we are developing the initial approach and don't want users being notified as we add those tasks.

Senior Member

Email notifications showed up and our users are not happy. It's nice to have notifications as an option, but turning it on by default and making everyone turn it off manually seems backward. Most people working on projects do not want this. I agree with @JerryHendrickson. We need a way to turn this off globally.

Senior Member

Just adding my vote that there needs to be a way to turn this off for all project participants as the Project Manager. Our users are not happy - especially when the project plan is initially being set up and they are spammed with a million notifications. 

Occasional Contributor

There needs to be admin control to turn off/on and control notifications instead of simply at the user level. We have many projects using one group so that we can leverage teams a little easier and this is causing members of the project group to get notifications about projects I would not want them to receive because they simply are in the group that was added to a project. 


I agree with the other commentors that there needs to be a global off for the initial task assignments. What is really needed is email notifications similar to project web app where upcoming, due, and past due task are options.

Frequent Visitor

I too agree with others' comments.  There must be a way to turn off global notifications

Occasional Visitor

Wann kommt eine Integration der Aufgaben in TEAMS Task/ToDo?

Occasional Visitor

I agree with all of the above, thanks for listening. Please add this to your roadmap.

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