Customizing and extending the Project app just became more convenient!

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In response to your feedback on UserVoice, we are pleased to announce a change to the Project for the web licensing to allow you to customize and extend the Project app without the need to purchase additional Power Apps licenses. For many scenarios, this change makes it easier for your organization to tailor Project Plan 5, Project Plan 3, and Project Plan 1 to meet unique business needs.  The table below outlines what you can do with your subscription.  The change to licensing is effective immediately.


The table below only outlines these changes.  Please review the Project Service Description for further details.  


Custom entity table.JPG

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Its really good to see this response to Uservoice, however it is a bit misleading in one part:

The 5 additional tables are for extending the Project based Power App and of course this could be a completely different business process but footnote 4 in the revised Service Description states "Building and using separate Power Apps beyond the out-of-the-box Project application that access Project for the web or Project Online customer data requires a separate Power Apps subscription."


IMHO for clarity the word used should be Extending rather than the slightly misleading Integrating.

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