Where is the parallel branch a valid selection within a Flow?

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I'd like to use a Parallel Branch to initiate an approval for several users, but I need to check a condition first.  I can see the option for parallel branch at the beginning of the flow, but I can't seem to make that option appear inside the condition. It seems there are some rules that dictate when you can and when you cannot create a parallel branch. What are those rules?

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Hi @Derek Gusoff,


I managed to get multiple parallel branches in my flow:




When you click on the + just above an exsiting action you will get the option to add a parallel branch.



Hi @Pieter Veenstra, thanks for that, but what I really need is to add one in "Yes" branch of a condition. I've been able to get around it by creating a secondary flow and exposing it via an HTTP trigger. But I wish I didn't have to do that.

I just found the same problem. I believe this to be a bug. If you put an action (i did a send email) as the first thing in the condition branch, THEN you will see the option for a parallel branch:


Hi @Derek Gusoff


I missed your previous reply.


Yes, you can't create a parallel branch inside a condition.


You could create a parallel branch first and then add a condition inside each branch. It would mean repeating the condition logic.


Also I noticed like @Levi Johnson mentrioned that you can create a parallel branch on the second action within the conditional step.



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You can see in my screenshot I have a parallel branch within the 'IF YES' condition. You just can't have it be the first thing in the condition. Which is stupid.

Thanks for this solution! Hope it can be fixed soon so we don't need to put in dummy values to work around it!