The connection does not contain a vault name. Please edit the connection and enter a valid key vault


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I am getting error when get secret from Azure Key Vault from Power Automate.


  "message""The connection does not contain a vault name. Please edit the connection and enter a valid key vault name.",
  "error": {
    "message""The connection does not contain a vault name. Please edit the connection and enter a valid key vault name."
I have a Power Automate which is having azure key vault connection to get secret. This Power Automate will be executed from Powerapps.  When playing Power Apps, It is asking user consent to connect Azure Key Vault, but no way to provide azure key vault name. Has anyone experienced this kind of scenario and any leads on this?
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I faced the same problem today. Since I didn't find much about it online I decided to answer this old post.
I don't know the cause of the issuer but this is how I fixed it in my environment:
1. Add "Get secret" action to your flow.
2. If you get the error message from the orignial post:
3. Go to Data > Connections in the Power Automate portal.
4. Find your newly created Azure Key Vault connection.
5. Select "Edit".
6. You can enter the Key Vault's name there (just the name without protocol or fqdn).

Hope this helps anyone else.