Power automate - Extra line in mail body on using action "Send an email notification (V3)"

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Extra line comes in mail body on using action "Send an email notification (V3)"


Extra line is "If you want to unsubscribe from these emails, please use this form."


How can remove this extra line from mail message

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Unfortunately you can't remove it. We never use that action (which can only send 100 emails in any rolling 24 hour period anyway) but use Send an email from a shared mailbox or, occasionally, send an email (v2).

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@yogender1985 I have found same question on another forum. I will add same workaround here. So please try below suggestions & let us know if it works for you.


To get rid of the extra line at the end of the "Send an email notification" Flow action simply add the following piece of HTML at the end of your email body:



<div style="display:none !important">
// This area hides the unwanted message at the end of your email




We create a div tag, but don't close it. It means all content that is added after this div tag is considered a child content and the style="display:none !important" will hide the div itself and all its child contents.




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