Multi Step Approval Flow - how to capture comments

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I have a flow where a request is made to manager 1, and if approved, it goes to manager 2.


I want manager 2, in the approval request he receives, to see the comments of manager 1.


It seems simple enough, where I update the list with the comments from manager 1, and then pull from the list these comments and insert them into the approval request for manager 2.


However it is not working, it shows up as blank in the request.


Is there something I need to do to ensure that if the list is updated mid-flow, that I can reference the updated content in a later part of the flow and it will actually pull the data?


See below my flow






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Hey not sure if you’ve figured this out since post is a few days old but what you want to do is add another Get item SharePoint action to get the updated item since when you use the field from the original get it will still have the data from first run.

So just plug in another get and use that steps field in the approval and you should be good.

@Chris Webb  Thanks for your feedback.  I believe your method would have been successful.

I was able to change my flow to have apply to each within the other apply to reaches. Then, the option for comments from different approvals of the flow would appear and I was able to select comments from the first approver and also the second approver.


I believe my issue was my apply to each were not nested within each other.


Your answer did however teach me that it is not possible to update an item and then pull from that item within the same flow, without "getting" the updated item first since Sharepoint will consider only the original field. Thanks for that.


Hoping you can help, I’m trying to create a multi step approval flow for items added to sharepoint, however I’m struggling.

Would it be possible for you to share your flow with me please?