multi-select values / Forms to Sharepoint


I have a form with a multi-select field with an Other option.

I have a list with identical options.

The Flow will NOT allow me to map them.


Please let me know how this can be done


(FLOW team- these things should be documented!)

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@BarbaraWinter the solution given at works well to achieve this.


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@RobElliott thanks.

I actually found that this worked for my purposes:

1. In the Create Item view. select Custom Value in the choice field drop down.

custom value.PNG

2. Under dynamic content, select the form question whose answer you want to map to the  SharePoint column.

step 2.PNG

I went down the Array path, but you have to start form a manual of blank flow, and i was already deep into it. 


I tried the above outof desperation. Would have been great if it had been documented :-)!