DataTable in PowerApp

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I am using datatable in powerapp, the data source a sharepoint list. I am not able to use functions like search, sort, sortbycolumn etc..


Incase of Search I am getting "datatype unsupported for evaluation" error.

Incase of SortByClumn I am getting "has invalid arguments" error. 

Screen shot attached, somebody please help.

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The first one appears that your textfind control isn’t a textbox control. What kind of control is that?

The second screenshot you are invoking on an onselect which you can’t do. You need to use sort by columns in an items property or when setting a collection etc. if you are trying to make a sort on a select then you have to set a variable and then use a switch it if statement in the items referencing that variables value to set the items in the table.

@Chris Webbthanks for the response, txtfind  is a textbox. Refer the screenshot.