Data Gateway and SQL Database Views


Can you use the PowerApps data gateway to connect to a view in a SQL database? From the testing I have done it appears you can only connect to tables.

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Not yet possible.

Please vote here to have ir faster:



Tiago Costa

Voting Done. Thank You

Voted, but Is there and ETA for this feature?



I think this is a fair question, and I would really appreciate an answer to it!


What is the ETA for on-premise gateway connections to SQL Server making connections to views?  This is a really important feature that needs to be added, and an ETA would really help for planning (especially if the ETA is "never" so that I can start planning to use something other than PowerApps!).

Keep in mind that a stored procedure can be called from MS Flow.

Another option is to list all records in a view, by using the SQL\Get Rows function in MS Flow and entering the view name (case sensitive) as a custom value in the table name field. This seems to be undocumented, but it returns a list of records form the view.

Has Microsoft been able to allow to build a PA app from on-premise sql view or from queries? And as far as getting calling store procedures from MS FLow an listing all the records in a view by using SQL\Get Rows function in MS FLow, would you be so kind of pointing me to this info and do you know if there is some sort of training courses to learn this? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.