Create a SharePoint folder structure based on Form submission

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Good Morning! 

I'm looking to have a simple MS Form submission drive the creation of a preset folder structure and populate a few documents within those created folders - ideally driven by the selections made in the form.  Below illustrates what I have so far and it keeps failing at the Create HTML Table stage.  This is essentially what I am looking to do:

MS Forms to ask 3 questions:  What is the new account name, serial number, and aircraft model type. 

Upon submission of that form, I want Automate to go into the SharePoint location and create a new folder that is named based on questions 1 & 2 in the Form ("Serial Number, Account Name") and have that folder created inside of a pre-existing folder (aircraft model type) that is determined by the third question in the Form.  Is this possible?? Thank you!!

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 10.30.31 AM.png

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@GACVizDesign  Did you get anywhere with this? I'm trying to figure out the same kind of thing!