Check-in files using flow/Power automate


How can I use power automate to "Check-in" a selected file in a SharePoint file library?

Any tip is greatly appreciated.

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There is a Check in file action. You may need to get items and then another action to check in.

@Eddoria Thanks a lot !

It worked.


Hi! I stumbled across this post as I have the same request. I have a user that uploaded over 25,000 documents to a document library and didn't check the documents in. I believe I can do this for the user with Power Automate. However, struggling a bit to understand the components that need to be added. Would you be willing to share what you have?

HI @cad-one / @wojcika 

I am not sure if the forum is playing up, but can't see what steps you took to make this work,  you confirm? 


Much appriciated 

Hi @Accessible535 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to figure it out.  I had to create a flat view of the site and used this to see (as the admin) all files that had been checked out. Then took ownership of them. There is a threshold limit but I just kept at it for a few hours and was able to take ownership of them.