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I would like to create a nice and clean approval e-mail, which will show the details of the request.
(It's a request for a course e.g.: Where, When, Costs, Subject etc.).
The details are taken from a submitted Form.

MarkDown is suggested when one wants to add some formatting to the text. 
However, when opening the approval e-mail with Outlook (2016 or Online), the expected lay-out is not there (It is shown in the "original message" which is hidden). Instead there is another formatting going on.

It looks pretty bad to be honest. 

1. How to fix this problem? or

2. Is there a workaround to receive a nice formatted e-mail?

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I have the same issue, did you have any luck ?

I have the same issue and posted it on Flow community forum, where I think you have to post it. However, they confirmed the bug in OWA but not in Outlook 2016; the strange case is that if you open the mail in Outlook 2007 it is rendered without any issue.


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