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We came across a case where one of our early adopters for Microsoft Flow found when creating a new Flow for his SharePoint Online Site that we seem to have a limit on the use of Switch Controls to around 25 - 27 instances on the Workflow.  No more than 27 Switch instances can be added and it looks when you reach 25 Switch instances errors being to surface.  Does anyone know about this limit and any suggestions to work around it? Some posts seen in our sources talk about using parallel branching that that can be taxing from a maintenance perspective.  The various single Switch instances have worked perfectly for our users business case but need more than the 25-27 we seem to be able to use today.  Thanks

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I would suggest asking this on the official flow forums, most of the experts that would know this or at least have an idea would be over there.

Thanks Chris, is this a new Flow community forum that replaces the one off the sharepoint community
I wouldn't call it new, but yes, it's the "official" one if you want to call it that, I wish they would redirect this one to it or remove this one.