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Is there a way to post Forms pro responses from a survey on to the website using Flow? 

We are using Forms pro to send out NPS surveys automatically using Flow. we get a response back and we have another flow which gets the response and saves it against the contact/account using Flow. 

We now have response in dynamics365 and Forms pro but I am lost on how to post these responses to our website that is built in Joomla? we can manually import them but is there a way in Flow to automate it? 


Can anyone guide me please? 



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Hi @ZEERA721 

Currently, I am using Excel & Office 365 add-in for this purpose. I just provide my survey data to this tool and get highly professional visualizations to use or embed at required place. You can find here.


Here you can find an example for NPS Detail chart and here you can find an example for Liker chart.