Link to activate flow?

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How can i create a link to a flow?

I want to activate a flow when a link is being pressed.

A link i can place anywhere...


Is this possible?

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I would look into using webhook trigger to be able to kick something off via links.
Thanks, been looking at webhooks and other HTTP triggers in flow.
but i do not understand them and how to get a link that triggers the flow to run.
So is having the link go to a page to “run” the flow acceptable? That would be easiest way then you can link right to the flow run page, have to get the ID of the flow to get that url I can look here in a few minutes if that’s acceptable.

So, I just threw together a quick test. If you use the "Request" trigger, you can get a POST url that you can generate a Post somehow in your page, to trigger a flow. Here is the example. 


Then I just had a simple Post command html page I whipped up on desktop and tested the submit button and it worked like a charm sending me the e-mail notification. The post redirects to the trigger page, but you might be able to come up with some jscript to do the post without redirect and all that. You can pass variables and all that via json as well if you want to get fancy with it, but I don't know your end result. When using this method you can't use connectors and all that, it's going to run with whatever the flow is setup as so keep that in mind.