Hitting an action limit

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I have received the next message


I have created one flow with a mistake and as a result, it sends continuous emails during the night.
I cannot create flow with the "SEND EMAIL" block because it all time fails.
Additionally, all my flows stop working where I am using this action "SEND EMAIL". 

I have tried to rebuild the flow but it always fails on the step of sending an email.
How to solve this issue, that I can start using this action again???

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@Freenit if you could post up some screenshots of your flow then we can have a look and hopefully see what the problem is.


Los Gallardos
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My problem was that flow not get the condition when it can stop.
Thats why I get limit and it stop working.
Now I rebuilt the flow and test it with another account and it works fine.

What I need to do that action "SEND EMAIL" starts working again on the special service account?
Just waiting 24 hours.