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A question about the Flow licensing model.  The charge is number of flows that have run during the course of a month, pooled across an entire enterprise.  So if I have 1,000 users in my tenant, each of them with an E3 O365 license, I should have 2,000,000 Flow runs per month, shared among all of my users.  (An E1, E3, or E5 O365 license is considered as Flow for Office 365 in the licensing chart.)  


All well and good, and this should be plenty.  However, I have no methodology or tool to see what the usage is in my enterprise.  I don't know if I'm expending 100,000 flow runs a month, or 10, or 1.9 million.   I don't know if I need to budget for more Flow runs next quarter, or if I need to put in some governance on my users.  Moreover, I don't have any governance tools anyway, other than the giant "Off" button.  


What if I have a small minority of users creating an irresponsible number of Flows, consuming all of my available Flow runs?  I have no way of knowing it's taking place, no way of knowing who is consuming the runs, what business needs these runs are fulfilling, nor any way to limit, encourage, or advertise their use, even if these Flow runs bring a great deal of success and value.


In short, to have a per-use license structure with zero ability to monitor or manage usage by the consumer (the enterprise IT department) will not encourage adoption of what is, in my opinion, a fantastic tool.  


Can we please have an administrative tool for Flow, and a relaxing of license enforcement until we do?

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The only Admin Tool you have Today is the Flow Admin Center but I think it's not going to provide the features you are requesting for. @Chris McNulty could help here...I'm also very interested on having answers and detailed information about the scenario defined by @Tom Kretzmer

tried out Flow for the first time today (hello spare time) and had the same question.

As the admin the current admin center shows pretty much nothing. I'd like to see


  • flow usage count
  • see flows created in my tenant (and change them possibly)
  • see all triggered flow history
  • off topic: how does one create a flow that is supposed to do workflows for a central business application? Do I have to license a seperate service account and create the flow with this user?