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Digital Marketing Content (DMC) OnDemand works as a personal digital marketing assistant and delivers fresh, relevant and customized content and share on social, email, website, or blog. It runs 3-to-12-week digital campaigns that include to-customer content and to-partner resources. This includes an interactive dashboard that will allow partners to track both campaign performance and leads generated in real time and to schedule campaigns in advance



DMC campaigns were created to assist you with your marketing strategies in automated way. However, we understand that you want to make sure the focus remains on your business as customers and prospects discover your posts. There are several ways you can customize campaigns to put the focus on your business and offerings:

  • Customize the pre-written copy | Although we provide you with copy for your social posts, emails, and blog posts, pivoting this copy to highlight your unique value can help ensure customers and prospects understand more about your business and how you can help solve their current pain points.  

  • Upload your own content throughout the campaigns | If you have access to the Partner GTM Toolbox co-branded assets, you can create your own content quickly and easily through customizable templates. Choose your colors, photography, and copy to help customers and prospects understand more about your business. Alternatively, you can learn more about how to create your own content by reading the following blog posts: one-pagers and case studies.  Once complete, click on “Add new content” within the any campaign under “Content to share”.

  • Engage with your audience | Are people replying to your LinkedIn, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter) posts? Take some time to respond to build a rapport.  

  • Access customizable content | Many campaigns in PMC contain content that was designed for you to customize. Microsoft copy is included, but designated sections are left blank for your copy and placeholders are added to ensure you are following co-branding guidelines. You can find examples here.  

  • Upload your logos | Cobranded content is being added on a regular basis, so make sure you’re taking advantage of this recently added functionality to extend your reach.



NOTE: To access localized versions, click the product area link, then select the language from the drop-down menu.

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