Empower your customers to create more value from their data
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Organizations that embrace data to drive transformations experience a 54% growth in revenue and profits and 44% faster time to market improvement relative to peers.* An organization’s growth ultimately depends on data at its core.​ However, the sheer volume, variety, and velocity of data make it challenging to manage, process, and analyze efficiently.


That's where Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform (MIDP) comes into play.​ MIDP is a comprehensive suite of solutions that empowers organizations to invest more time creating value rather than integrating and managing their data estate.​ MIDP helps partners meet customer demand and expectations for data and analytics solutions.


Microsoft supports your marketing efforts with a new campaign available in Digital Marketing Content OnDemand (DMC) and Partner Marketing Center (PMC). These go-to-market assets will help you create a winning data and analytics sales strategy, engage your customers, and build your funnel. Run a campaign on DMC or PMC to show customers and prospects how you can help them:


- Accelerate innovation

- Achieve agility

- Build on a trusted platform


Then, deliver customer-ready demos & workshops to your customers and prospects to further drive demand and showcase your data and analytics expertise.

* Source: How to lead a data-driven digital transformation by Harvard Business Review


Launch the new Power Business Decisions with Cloud Scale Analytics, now available on DMC and PMC.

DMC: https://dmc.partner.microsoft.com/product-areas/3/campaigns/204

PMC: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/asset/collection/power-business-decisions-with-cloud-scale#/

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