Macros not showing in RunMacro list

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My computer went through an update this morning, and now all my Outlook macros are not appearing in the Run Macro list in the ribbon. I open Visual Basic and can see and run them from there, but not from the ribbon. My Macro Settings is Enable all, but still not showing up. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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Have you found a solution for this problem? I`m experiencing exactly the same problem after a update.

@EirikNord All my code was in one module. I copied all the code and pasted it into notepad. Then I deleted the module, and then added a new module, and then pasted the text/code from notepad into the new module. Not sure why this worked, but it did.


Problem was resolved by copying to text file - Delete Module - Saving - Shutting Down Outlook - Restart - Add Module - Paste Text - Save - Shut Down Outlook and Restart.