Your OneDrive is about to be deleted Email - Anyone Help

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Hi guys, I don't know if anyone that can help will ever see this post, I am not even sure if this is the right place to post this but I am so sad about my current situation that I have to write it down.

I have had a Microsoft account for 23 years. I actually created this account when it was called hotmail. Years before microsoft bought it. When "SkyDrive" came along I thought it was great I uploaded back ups of my images and files from all my devices and for years I thought my files where safe with microsoft. Then SkyDrive changed to "OneDrive" I contiuned to keep my files in my microsoft account.

Yesterday, I logged on to the one drive account.... I haven't accessed it for about a year or so but I just wanted to get some of my old pictures of my kids and think about the good old days.
But my files.... are gone!  23 years... of memmories.... gone. After speaking to someone on the support chat I did a search in my email for "onedrive" and I found this email:

Your Email address removed personal account is currently frozen because you are 36.4 GB over your storage limit of 30 GB. Your files are still there. However, your OneDrive will be deleted on or after 9/4/2021 5:51:48 AM unless you upgrade your account or remove files you don’t need.

If your OneDrive is deleted, you won’t be able to retrieve any files you had previously saved in your account.

I only saw this email yesterday, this is becuase even though I use this Microsoft Account to store files, I stopped using it for my email years and years ago. So I hardly ever checked that inbox.

I have contacted the OneDrive team, who have sent me a genric email reply about looking in my Recycle bin for my missing files. - That is not going to work, I tried but there is nothing in the one drive account.

I tried to pay for extra space on the account to see if I could restore the one drive to a previous date (I would want to go back about 1 year) - but after upgrading the account, it only lets me go back 30 days or so.

After 23 years of using microsoft to store my files I am very disapointed that this could happen. If I was over my limit by a little bit... then why didn't Micosoft just stop letting me upload files... but delete all my files...! 

I have lost the videos of all my children being born, all the pictures of my kids when they where babies, the pictures of my mother who has now passed away. - I am so sad, even if I could get some of the files back I would be happy... but I have NOTHING!...

I have replied to the oneDrive team and explained that looking in the recycle bin for my files dosn't work and I have shown them the email I found about the account being deleted. I just hope that some how I can get some of these files back. 

If there is anyone here.... anyone on the planet that reads this.... anyone at Microsoft that reads this.... that has any way possible for me to get any of these files back.... PLEASE help me.

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