Suspend one drive while program runs

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I was told by another user in a different windows forum that I should post this question here:


I have a situation where I need to pause OneDrive before I start an application and then resume it after I close the application. I have been doing this manually, but need to automate it with some kind of script.

Google searches have yielded a couple of solutions but I'm not quite sure how to use them. I assume both of these would use a simple batch file.


[Suspend (shutdown) Onedrive:]

"%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive" /shutdown

[Resume Onedrive:]

start "OneDrive" /B "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive" /background

In this scenario, where/how would I start the <application> and how would I tell the script to wait until I exit <application> before performing the "resume" portion?


This suggestion uses psuspend from sysinternals

pssuspend onedrive
pssuspend -r onedrive

I assume that psuspend would have to be placed in the folder where the OneDrive .exe resides? What would be the full command to launch <application>?

Would either of these accomplish what I'm looking for or is there a better approach?

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