Add "Delay delivery" to (web) and mobile apps


One of the features that I really like in the Outlook desktop apps is the ability to delay sending an email, that way I can take notes on the go and ensure the email only gets sent during business hours (to preserve digital work / life balance for my colleagues).


A few tech platforms are introducing digital well being features, and think this feature could be really helpful.


Note:   Another limitation of the delay sending feature is that it requires the sender's machine to have the desktop app running (otherwise the message won't get out of your outbox). 

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Concur and also request that delayed delivery be extended to the iOS app. This would help meet the goal of consistency across UI platforms.

I agree that both are problems. 2.5 years since @RobinCartier first posted this. Feature updates, yes please!@RobinCartier 

Replying to bump this thread up. I desperately need the delayed delivery option for Outlook iOS. It should work like delayed delivery on Outlook on the web, so there should be no dependency on the Outlook application itself being up and running. 

How do we get the Outlook iOS app product manager to read this?



100% agree that the ability to delay sending emails from iOS should have been solved and pushed out long ago.

Agree. Delay send is an essential feature for business email and needs to be added to both Android and iOS apps.



When I press and hold the send button in the Android app I was surprised to find that the delay wasn't an option.