What’s new in Office Lens – October Update

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Today we are pleased to announce some exciting new features available in Office Lens this month.


Immersive reader for Android


Immersive reader is a popular feature on various Microsoft apps on across platforms, including Windows, web, and iOS. We’re excited to bring Immersive reader directly into Office Lens for Android. Immersive reader will be available for English content only.


Immersive reader helps users easily scan and read content, not only making a digital copy of the content, but also creating a more accessible content capture experience.


  • Read aloud allows users to have text read out loud while highlighting each word. This feature of Immersive reader improves text decoding, fluency and comprehension while sustaining focus and attention.
  • Increase or decrease the font size for better visibility of text.
  • Wide text spacing optimizes font spacing in a narrow column view to aid reading fluency for users with visual crowding issues.
  • Rewind and forward — Allows the user to move backwards and forwards in the content.
  • Control the speaking rate of the voice reading aloud the text.



Tap to Select for Android


When you tap the camera screen to focus, Office Lens will attempt to find the document boundary around the tapped area to lock it in. This feature is especially helpful when there are multiple document-like objects in the camera view and you want to select a particular one to scan.



Snap to Edge for Android


Removing the background from documents is now easier. When scanning a document, move the crop handles and the cropping boundary will snap to the nearest document edge.



Text annotations for iOS


Previously released on Android, you can now annotate photos with text of different styles and colors after they’ve been taken with Office Lens.


Office Lens.png


To get the latest Office Lens features, update your app on Google Play or App store now. Do comment below and let us know how you like to use Office Lens in your day!


Sounding awesome.


Any update on when will these features be included in the Windows 10 version of Immersive Reader??  next year my school is investing in convertible Windows 10 laptops/tablets and we'd love to use immersive reader features.?

Occasional Contributor

Seems like Android is missing some key features that the iOS version has like scan to email, scan to sharepoint site. Will Android catch up at some point, but will it always lag behind? I know some features may get pushed back, but I'm curious if they will match better in the future. It's hard to adopt for workflows when we have some iOS and some Android users and some can do what we need because they have iOS and other's can't until some unknown time in the future.

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I'm using Office Lens on an up to date Samsung S8 and yet I still don't get the Immersive Reader option in the app.  What am I missing :)

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 @OmarSaleh and I are trying to work out if there a minimum version of Android for the Immersive reader to work? @idrew we're having the same problem with an S9. @Mitali Jain any ideas?

Senior Member

I don't have the immersive reader option either on my android phone. So gutted. Why is it not working?


@Michaela Nicholas 


I have the same experience as you on Android,   the app is nothing like what is described

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@Angus McPherson How do we find out why it is not working for us? I have been waiting for ages, knowing this was coming. I help dyslexic students at my school and they are all waiting also since I mentioned it to them. 

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Did this update ever happen, I was really excited when I saw various videos from the educational community and I've just spent the best part of an hour reinstalling, checking licences and reading blogs to get no where.  Has this functionality been removed?

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