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As a Nonprofit Organization, you should collaborate with others aligned with your organization's mission and Purpose of your organization. SharePoint will provide a platform to Find/Share information and Collaborate with Other individuals and organizations.

Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based service. Businesses that users can subscribe to and create sites to store, access, organize, and share information and documents with your business partners, colleagues, and customers.

SharePoint provides file collaboration capabilities in Microsoft 365 regardless of your organization's size. For example, if you have a small organization, users can store their files in their library in OneDrive. In addition, using SharePoint-powered file storage in Microsoft 365 provides the advantage of not being required to purchase cloud storage from other providers and enjoy the following:




 Anywhere access to files. 




 Enterprise-grade security 




 Secure sharing outside the organization 




 Real-time collaboration and file versioning 




 Intelligence That Helps Users Discover Files 


SharePoint empowers collaboration between teams with dynamic and productive team sites for every project team, whether a department or division: share files, data, news, and resources. First, customize your Site to streamline your team's work. Then, seamlessly and securely work with team members inside and outside your organization across PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.


 SharePoint, Team Collaboration Software Tools ( 


SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365 are document management and storage cloud-based services that help organizations share and manage information for: 

  • Simple sharing and seamless collaboration 
  • Engaging and informing those in your organization 
  • Maximizing and Harnessing Collective knowledge 
  • Accelerating productivity by transforming processes 



If you have files that you need to move from your existing storage locations to SharePoint and OneDrive, the resources in this section can help you get started. Once in Microsoft 365, you will see improved collaboration, compliance, and security. 



Governance is the set of policies, roles, and responsibilities that explain how an organization and its divisions work together to conduct its business. 

Each of your Non-Profit Organizations may have needs, goals, and legal or other requirements that require you to keep track of data. For example, if you have sensitive or confidential information that you want to protect, these references can help you configure SharePoint for governance standards and policies. 

When using OneDrive in your organization, you can protect important files by saving them to the cloud, govern how users sync files and how much storage space users get. 


Microsoft Teams 

SharePoint Team sites allow you to conduct virtual meetings, conferences, chat and collaborate. SharePoint is deeply integrated into Teams. Files stored in Teams are stored in SharePoint sites allowing collaborations on files with built-in Microsoft 365 apps, i.e., WordExcel, and PowerPoint. When you administer SharePoint sites in the SharePoint admin center, you may find that many of them are connected to Teams.  



SharePoint and OneDrive allow individuals inside and outside your organization to communicate in a secure, productive collaborative environment and work together, providing their input on documents with various options. 


Use of the Intranet 

SharePoint allows you to plan, create and maintain your organization's Intranet. 


Enhance Knowledge 

SharePoint provides information that would enhance users' knowledge of the Technology used. 


Deployment of SharePoint and OneDrive 

As you plan to Deploy SharePoint and OneDrive to your organization, consider the capabilities you would like to see implemented and changes SharePoint and OneDrive would provide that you do not currently have.  


Deployment of Custom Code 

SharePoint changes which require customization include the deployment of pre-configured Web parts to a web gallery, custom-branded master pages and style sheets to a site collection, and making changes to list forms using InfoPath. Although Microsoft DOES NOT allow the deployment of Custom Code to its environment, it's still good to know that SharePoint can be customized.   


You're ready to get started with SharePoint and OneDrive! 


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