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I have a problem with my Packaged Win32 application icons resources on Windows 10 and 11.

The icons look great in the Start menu and Taskbar but when I add a desktop short to my app, the icon is displayed with a blue background color.


Here is my scenario :


1. I generate the resources.pri file using native Visual Studio tool (see attached capture)

2. Then I build an APPX package to publish it on the Store using the command line :

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\10.0.18362.0\x86\makeappx.exe" pack /d "E:[compiled app folder]" /p e:\package.appx

3. I can sideload my app using the PS1 command

Add-AppxPackage -Register [package app folder]\AppxManifest.xml



When deployed (sideload or by Store) the icons look nice in the Start menu and taskbar (see captures).

When I drag the Icon from the Start menu to the desktop to create a shortcut, then the icon is not correct.

Note : I generated all the visual assets using VS for all sizes/scales, and light/dark variants, and unplated.



The appmanifest looks like that :


<uap:DefaultTile Wide310x150Logo="Assets\Wide310x150Logo.png"
<uap:ShowOn Tile="square150x150Logo" />
<uap:ShowOn Tile="wide310x150Logo" />
<uap:ShowOn Tile="square310x310Logo" />




Anybody has an idea of what I miss for the desktop shortcuts?


Thank you!


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Thank you for reporting this issue, we are investigating this and will report back when we have more information to share.


Following up here, it seems like this is a known issue but unfortunately does not have an estimated timeline for a fix right now. Our team does not own this area, but I passed along your feedback to the team that does own it.

Had a similar problem with a WinUI3 application.
Fix was I had a Square44x44Logo.scale-200.png 88x88px
And the background was blue.
I added
Square44x44Logo.targetsize-24_altform-unplated.png 24x24px
And the blue went away.