StartupTask not enabled by default. Why?


I have a single .Net Framework 4.81 desktop app.  I want to have it packaged as an MSIX desktop package using the StartupTask feature so that it automatically starts when the user logs in.


The app is packaged with the attached manifest, using the UAP5 version of the feature (the Desktop schema version was also tried with no success).


After installing the app (Windows 10 21H2 (19044.2075), the start menu launching of the app is fine, but even after rebooting and logging in the app does not start automatically on login.


When checking the advanced properties of the app, I noticed that the startup task is known by the OS, but disabled by default, even though the manifest requested it be enabled.  


I will attach both the manifest, and the screen shot of the advanced options. 


Having the user enable the startup in the advanced dialog allows it to startup automatically on login, but this is not acceptable. How can the package be created to allow the desktop app to automatically start up without the user having to manually enable it?  The documentation would seem to indicate that only setting the Enabled="true" is needed in this situation.


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