Package Error with MSIX File. Created my own app. Trying to install it to MS Store. Only 1 error.

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    Can anyone help me fix this problem?


MyPackageQuad_1.0.0.0_x64__wkffetrt8aq28.msix8.3 KB

Package acceptance validation error: The package MyPackageQuad_1.0.0.0_x64__wkffetrt8aq28.msix doesn't contain any Application elements in the app manifest file.


I don't know what I am doing wrong.





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The error seems to indicate an issue with the AppXManifest.xml file that you must include at the root folder. The file has "application" elements and the error seems to say that it didn't find any.  These elements define entrypoints, such as the shortcuts (called visual elements in the schema). So it sounds like a syntax error.

Reference is: 

Example is:



    Thank you. I will look at this again. I know I have a AppXManifest.xml in my solution and I see elements in it. Just got to find how to make sure package includes it in it I guess??. I am new with this tool, so just learning how to use it. I appreciate this much. Sound like a small error, I just need to know what it means.





    I was wondering if I should name the file Package.appxmanifest, instead of appxmanifest?



It must be AppxManifest.xml in the package. Possibly case doesn’t matter, but I’ve always seen it that way.


However, I can't speak to whatever tooling you could be using that expects you to provide a different name and changes it into the form the package requires.