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I am trying to create MSIX package for 7zip using command line. Created MSIX package is having only one application (shortcut) but in the template I have added 3 application (shortcut). Can anyone guide me how to add multiple application (shortcut) in MSIX package using command line.


Here is the Section for Package and Applications information in the template file.


     Version="" >


         Description="7 zip file manager"

         Description="7 G"



   <Capability Name="runFullTrust" />



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Hi Bineesh,


Application nodes in the CLI template act as hints for the metadata fields you would like to specify if those executables are detected as entry points to the installer you installed.  The easiest way for us to make this distinction is by spotting a shortcut file getting created by the installer. It sounds like your installer probably only created a single shortcut, which is why your packaged MSIX ended up with a single application node.


Two thoughts:

1. To unblock you today, you can wrap your installer in a simple Powershell script that creates the additional shortcut files after 7zip finishes installing.  That should allow the monitoring step to pick up your desired entry points and package correctly.

2. Your scenario sounds reasonable, I'm filing an item to look into using the application nodes to cross reference all detected exes we see during monitoring, not just the ones we pre-identified as entry points.  This would put the behavior in line with the UI experience of selecting entrypoints during the first launch wizard page.


If the improved behavior proposed in #2 sounds good to you, please reply or file a feedback item with the same suggestion.


Let me know how your conversion efforts go!



Hi James,

Thank you for your response.


Option 2 may add so many entries in case applications having lot of exes. If there is an option to add/remove/modify entry points (shortcut for desktop, start menu, start menu folder) in Package editor that will be good. I am not sure that is currently available (I don't find such option).




Hi Bineesh,


There is currently no GUI based option to edit entry points in package editor.  You could accomplish this by manually editing the manifest via the "Open file" option at the bottom of the Package Information page in Package editor.


I realize that this may not be particularly easy task especially if you have many of these packages to edit.  How often would you estimate this scenario would be important to you? 

I'll bring a GUI based entry point editing scenario up for consideration with our team.