Multiple IP addresses on Windows Server 2016

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On a Windows Server 2016 system or even on a Windows 10 Enterprise system,  Windows networking commands can be used to allocate MULTIPLE IP addresses to the one physical network adapter that exists on the system. Once these commands are executed, you can easily verify that these VIRTUAL IP addresses work correctly via a simple PING command from a different system. Of course, the network team at your location would also have to make the network changes needed to support the VLAN that contains those VIRTUAL IP addresses. A more thorough test would be to RDP into the Microsoft Server 2016 system from another system using one the VIRTUAL IP addresses.


My questions are as follows:


Is there any restriction on the Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 11 browser that would prevent it from using any of the VIRTUAL IP addresses? 


Is either of these 2 browsers FORCED to use the PRIMARYT IP address that was configured on that network adapter when the Microsoft Server 2016 was initially installed?


I realize that the default IP address that either of these 2 browsers will use will always be the PRIMARY IP address. However, is there any Windows command or API that could be called that would tell either of these 2 browsers to use a VIRTUAL IP address instead?


Or, if no Microsoft-developed browser supports this feature, do I have to use a third party browser from Google (i.e. Chrome) or Mozilla (i.e. Firefox) in order to use a VIRTUAL IP address?



Any help would be  appreciated.


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@rdachows The MSIX community hub might be the wrong place for an answer to this; you might try elsewhere.


But offhand I'd think any organization big enough for this problem is probably using a proxy server, so the browser will use the best route to the proxy.

So what is the URL for the Microsoft Server 2016 Community HUB?