MSIX recipe for office products

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We are currently working for a client who is looking to convert its existing application portfolio to MSIX format. We have come across below two Microsoft products which are giving issues while converting to MSIX format: 1.) SQL Server Management Studio 2016 : Getting an issue during launch of a shortcut and several shortcuts not getting installed. 2.) Project Professional 2016 : MSIX packaging tool was not able to capture any files. We tried capturing with a third party capturing tool and then converting it but the shortcut is giving an error during launch. Do you have any idea if the above Microsoft products are compatible with MSIX technology. If yes, then is their any recipe to package them in MSIX format. Also, is their any comprehensive list for the Microsoft products which gives us the compatible applications with MSIX.

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@Sidharth2490 , Windows and Office teams are working towards M365 Apps (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel) to be packaged and delivered in MSIX format with the same full extensibility that customer enjoy in Click-to-Run and MSI; we’ll communicate details and timelines as these become available.