MSIX Packaging Tools Install Size

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To start off on a positive note, I'm thrilled to finally see a modern replacement for the horribly source-control-unfriendly "Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects" (.vdproj) files, but equally disappointed to see the enormous install size requirement. I was very much looking forward to try it out, but unfortunately this is a non-starter for me. I don't even have that much free space on my machine. Surely anyone would agree that 9.78 GB for WSIX is ridiculous. Please bring that down to less than a Gig (including dependencies), which is still excessive, but at least tenable.


P.S. When posting this, it's unclear to me the distinction between Labels and Tags for this post, and without any auto-complete suggestions, I just went freestyle. ;)

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Hi@Matthew P 


I think something is off with your machine, from what I see here the size around 25MB

Hello @Bogdan Mitrache and thanks for the reply.


It may be that you already have the prerequisites installed. It seems the big one for me that I don't have installed is the "Windows 10 SDK (10.0.18362.0)" which is 2.79 GB by itself. Then there appear to be another 7 GB of hidden dependencies that don't show up for me when selecting the "MSIX Packaging Tools" component. Unfortunately the Visual Studio Installer doesn't summarize which dependencies need to be installed for a given selection.