MSIX Packaging Tool Default (Store) Logo


When creating a package, the MMPT will create a variety of png assets under the Assets folder.  Among these are a series of pngs with names matching "StoreLogo*png".  Most have ".scale-### added to them for systems with specific text scaling options, but there is a file created without that.


This file, without a scaling option, is created as a 256x256 pixel file, which is larger than the largest of the scale specific files (which max out at 200x200), and is then listed in the AppXManifest as the "default" for the logo.  More importantly, this image is a generic logo from the packaging tool and has nothing to do with the application being packaged.


It seems that either this default should be eliminated, or created like the others (from one of the shortcut icons but resized), or it should just be one of the other created ones.  If that existing default logo is ever used under some strange scenario, it would look wrong no matter what.



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This issue has been fixed in the latest release of the MSIX Packaging Tool. MSIX Packaging Tool release notes - MSIX | Microsoft Docs




Thank you for this. It would be good to have a little more detail listed in those release notes. For example, the logo issue fix is listed, but not listed is that the tool now generates unique asset images for each shortcut -- something we have been waiting for a long time. You've finally addressed that shortcoming and should be proud to let everyone know!
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