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I want to know if it's possible to create a MSIX package for java?

My Customer has started the deployment of Windows 10. They have some legacy application that needs different version of Java Jre.


So, i want to create a package Java JRE in MSIX version xxxx for legacy web application (Internet explorer) and another Java JRE MSIX in version yyyy for another web legacy application


And i want to use version xxxx for application http://legacypApp1 with Internet explorer and launch version yyyy for application http://legacypApp2 with internet explorer.


I know it's possible in App-V, but is it possible with MSIX?


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@julien_GfiHi Julien.


I have converted Java just for tests with MSIX. While the conversion might work (i haven't tested the full functionality of Java), what you are trying to achieve i don't think it's possible with MSIX at the moment.


The workaround for IE shortcut that you use in APP-V is not possible with MSIX yet. Maybe in the future when linking (or connection groups as we know in APP-V) is launched for MSIX a workaround might be found.






Thank you for the anwser.