MSIX package App icons and logos problem

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Hello all,

When creating the icons and logos with Advanced Installer asset generator (and Visual Assets Generator
), we always get a too small taskbar icon with a blue background. How can we solve this problem? See image attachments for more information
asset-generator.pngbadge_icons.pngblue margin (background)blue margin (background)
js dwin

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Hi @jsdwin 


Thanks for sharing this issue, our team confirms the bug.


We will issue a fix in our next release(16.4), in the following weeks.




Hi Bogdan, if you see this, do you recall what the issue was here? I face the same problem with my MSIX files - even after generating altform-unplated.png versions and making a resources.pri file, the border will just not go away. I wonder if there is some obscure thing that isn't well documented.

Hi Mike,

This is the only thing I could find in Jira (sorry we moved to Gitlab sometime that year and some issue details were lost in the migration).


From our history:

The Windows 8 / 8.1 documentation regarding qualifiers for app icons:

doesn't mention the "unplated" qualifier.  It only exists in the Windows 10 documentation:

From what see the devs had to fix some regex values to detect assets files with ".targetsize-" and "_altform-unplated" suffixes...if that helps you somehow :) 

Thanks for checking :) I guess my problem is something else then, as I can see the .pri file contains these alternative forms and sizes correctly yet Windows still doesn't seem to use them. Very obscure. It seems Microsoft has given up on "plating" as none of the taskbar icons in Windows 11 seem to have such a border.