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I would like to know where I can get the offline installer. I am a business user with a closed secure network. Packaging via this laptop would not be allowed. I have tried the links provided by Microsoft and have managed to download 2 ISO's

ISO 1 - SW_DVD9_NTRL_Win_10_1809_64bit_MultiLang_FOD_1_X21-91307.iso

ISO 2 - SW_DVD9_NTRL_Win_10_1809_64bit_MultiLang_FOD_2_X21-91309.iso

Which are the cab files for feature on demand. If one of those cab files has the installer, which cab file has it?

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hi @Adrian_Clark,


You can download the April release of the MSIX Packaging Tool through the links in this blog post. You can also go through the Store for Business web portal to get the offline copy as well.





Unfortunately the version I was able to download did not work on my system. I am running Win10 1809 LTSC. Is there a work around for this version or would it work on Server 2012?



Which version were you able to download? If you haven't used the MSIX Packaging Tool on that machine before, you may need the license for the tool as well, since it is a store distributed app. You can find the download for the license in the blog post as well. The Packaging Tool is supported down to 1809 so it should work on your machine. 




@Adrian_Clark In case the instructions for the Store for business were not clear, here is my summary...


In the store for business you request the offline version and get an msixbundle file, but you must also download the license file as a separate file.  It comes in either binary or text form.  I don't remember off-hand which I used so snatch up both. 


You use the powershell command to install the package on the disconnected packaging machine, including both the bundle and license file.  This powershell install can be in the user account with Add-AppXPackage, or a preinstall on the image snapshot using Add-ProvisionedAppXPackage if creating an image for multiple packagers.


With rumors that the Store For Business might be going away, I'm watching for information on how we'll do this in the future.