MSIX: Icon in Windows' "Apps & Features" panel grayed out

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I have a simple image (white text in front of a green background) that is used to generate all the different assets in my MSIX project:




All good and well. However, for some reason, that image appears as greyed out in the Windows 10 "Apps & Features" panel:




I have no idea why this is happening. Anybody else having experienced this problem?





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I recommend submitting a Feedback hub. It provides logs to help our team figure out what's happening
A long shot suggestion. Try copying the source icon you input on the generator to somewhere on the C: drive and reference from there. I wouldn't expect the secondary drive to matter there, but for adding files in the editor they must be on the drive with Windows (normally C:)
I have the same issue. @TIMOTHY MANGAN, I don't think it matters what you suggested because after he adds the icon he most likely presses "Generate" which actually creates the visual assets and ships them with the package.

Also, it seems that if you remove the following registry key the icon suddenly ungrays and is normally displayed.






So, for some reason, Windows marks the application somehow and this will gray out the icon.