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Good Morning everyone,

we're currently trying to publish our MorphCast application (C++ with QT framework) successfully to the Store.


We already have it working on the store by capturing the original QT installer, but we still have some problems with the dependencies as we cannot make them to install, so I'm asking for some advice.


Basically, at the end of the original QT installer we launch two dependencies installer (both exe files)

1) VC Redistributable installer

2) K-LIte codec pack installer

so that all the necessary dll and codecs are available for the user.

Both installers are now packaged into the msix as exe files, ready to be launched, in the main application folder


Now, by converting the QT Installer to the MSIX we captured the whole installation, but the codecs and the vc redistributable are not installed, so I'd like to know if there's a way to launch both installers as a one-time action when installing our msix.


What we tried:

1) creating a launcher.exe that launches both installers, but the codec pack installer won't launch due to "security" privileges missing

2) Using a powershell script using PSF, but it will need the users to elevate the shell privileges, and that, if I understand correctly, is something that is unfeasible to ask for to each end-user if cannot be automated.


TL:DR Basically we need to one-shot launch these two installers to install the missing dll and codecs. How ca I do that?


Thanks for everyone answers



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@MorphCast  I think that you should look at this differently.


The VC Runtime and Codec should be installed in your capture.  There should be no need for these to be installed external to the container.  I know that the VC Runtime is OK for sure.  I assume the codec is nothing more than a dll that provides audio/visual conversions and would be called by the primary application.





Hi @MorphCast 


For the VC redist, if you're using version 11,12, or 14 you can simply add it as a dependency to your package and the Store will install it automatically, if not already present on the machine.


Here are more details (search for "PackageDependency"):

- Prepare to package a desktop application