MSIX cache on MECM clients

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Recently became aware of an issue where an AppV package that had not been launched after install and therefore not streamed the full 100% from the MECM distribution point and that DP had been decommissioned. Unlike MSI that maintains a source list, AppV doesn't appear to maintain this information and therefore the registry keys for package URI have to be updated manually on affected clients. Would like to know if MSIX will work in a similar way to MSI to help with this in the future.

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First, you could have probably solved the App-V issue pushing out a single registry item PackageSourceRoot to affected devices and not work on a per-package basis, but that's not your question.

As to MSIX, I believe that unless you use internal/external appinstaller files to automate updates from the client side, the device don't have the need to find the original source; 100% of the package is deployed when you install the package. In a MECM environment, I would expect that you deploy the package without the appinstaller for updates and control updates via MECM.

MSIX with AppAttach does have registered information on the source, but as that is used in pooled VM environments and goes away after logoff, it doesn't matter.