Latest MPT issue with certificate


I upgraded from MMPT 2020.1209 to the 2020 version.  I am unable to save packages.  The log complained about not being able to determine the Publisher from the Cert.  It's the same cert and same password.  I removed and re-added the cert and problem remains.


Feedback hub submitted with log file.


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Please ignore this item for now. There appears to be something else going on. I may come back with a request for improved logging to make the problem clearer.
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Just adding a follow-up to the cause of this issue. As mentioned, it is unrelated to the MMPT version, although the version did add some confusion due to some warnings in the log file.

Ultimately the real issue is that I was creating a test package (for sharedpackagecontainers) and happened to copy a couple of files I had laying around into a package - which turned out to the the CO_1.pptx and CO_1.pdf files that we have previously seen cause makeappx to fail based upon filename alone. I understand that a customer already reported this issue.
Thanks for following up on this Tim.