First Launch Tasks - Cannot Run

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I have version 1.2019.402.0 installed on an 1809 Windows system. When I get to the First launch tasks it will not respond when I right click an entry point and select Run. Is this a bug in this version?

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Hi Mikeh36,


I know in that version of the tool, we would not alert the user if the entrypoint itself failed to launch. For example if the underlying exe had since moved, been deleted, or was failing to find dependencies.


Could you confirm that the entry point launches if you run the command from PowerShell or explorer?


If you file feedback via the feedback hub and attach your logs from the failure (or send you logs to me directly), I can review and see we can identify what is going wrong. For any logs you intend to share, please review the contents of your logs for any sensitive or personal data.




@James Pike My co-worker actually found this morning (and I've tested it myself) that if you double-click on the entrypoint that the application launches as expected. I'll do some more testing and upload the log files (I don't have any at this current time as I've rolled my VM back to the clean snapshot).

Fascinating.  I'll try to repro that behavior.

Thanks for the report!




This is still true in version 1.2022.110.0  you have to double click it for first run.