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MSIX usually removes all user level entries(files/registries) created while using application.

1. How about the settings that users create. Ex: bookmarks in Google Chrome.
2. if it deletes, will that be retained if we are using fslogix for user profiles.

3. if retains, any specific folder path retained in user profile.


Look forward to the reply.

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@Kragunath By default these things are removed on uninstall by design.  But if the package did not contain ANY AppData files then those are written externally (just like the Documents folder) and will remain.  Also, there is an option on the PowerShell removal to keep the data - not exposed in the GUI uninstaller.

if I understood correctly,
1. If AppData is not added in the package, the content will be written outside the container and remain after removal of package.
2.if the AppData is added in the package, PowerShell command can be used to retain the content after removal.
if yes, is there any MS document for this behavior. Please provide if any.

@Kragunath That sounds right to me.


I don't know of any documentation directly addressing this on the former, although it may be implied at places.  The latter is documented in the remove-appxpackage cmdlet, just without context or details.  


Perhaps @John Vintzel or @Sharla_Akers can add this scenario to the next documentation bash?

Thanks for the update.

@John Vintzel or @Sharla Akers,
Could you help on this.

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Hi @Kragunath,


You can learn more about how the MSIX Container, and AppData works in our doc here.




Thanks for the update.