App Installer executable without using Microsoft Store

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Is it possible to get the App Installer executable offline to install? I need to install it on numerous machines but I do not want to install it using Microsoft Store because our company policy block Microsoft Store.


Is there an offline installer for this?

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@Gregory Bologna  thank you for your question. There is currently no offline installer for this. This is good feedback for us though.

Thanks. Is the App Installer source code available on github? I have a few Windows profiles that--for some reason--will not open Microsoft Store. These users cannot download App Installer and install our sideloaded UWP apps. What else can I try?

@Gregory Bologna I was wrong, there is a way to get the app installer offline. You go to the offline business store Microsoft Store for Business. Under settings just make sure to toggle the "show offline apps" to on. Search up the desktop app installer, and then you can download the offline app installer. 


There are docs on how to get apps from the business store here:


I don't have a Microsoft Store for Business account. Isn't there a github for App Installer that I could just get the code and build it myself?

@Gregory Bologna I just checked with some folks, and on winget we publish bundles of the AppInstaller msixbundle for users to download. You can get the latest release here: Release Windows Package manager 1.2.10271 · microsoft/winget-cli (


Here is the official guidance: microsoft/winget-cli: Windows Package Manager CLI (aka winget) (