App installation failed with error message: AppxManifest.xml (Error 0x80070002)

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I am trying to update a existing MSIX package by editing the manifest.xml. 

Just addding a rule to add a File Association. 


When trying to install the update i get the following error: 


App installation failed with error message: AppxManifest.xml(126,14): error 0x80070002: Cannot register the PowerPDF_1.0.1.0_x64__ek0br79zb2h32 package. The path VFS\ProgramFilesX86\Nuance\POWERP~1\PDFDRI~1\OFFICE~1\NPDFOF~2.DLL was not found. (0x80070002)


When i remove all MSIX installations and just install the "Updated package" it works fine. 


Someone know what to do? 


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Hi Stefan,


Can you please explain how you edited the package and what was added to the manifest file?


Also if possible please submit a feedback item through Feedback tab in Packaging Tool settings menu and attach your MSIX packages so that we can take a closer look.





Hi Peyman,


i changed the manifest by:


  1. Open Package editor
  2. Select package 
  3. Open File (Manifest file)
  4. Added the following:


<uap3:Extension Category="windows.fileTypeAssociation">
<uap3:FileTypeAssociation Name="pdf">
<uap3:Verb Id="open" Parameters="&quot;%1&quot;">open</uap3:Verb>


5. Signed the package

6. Save the package.


When i install the package with no previous "installation" it works fine.

Will also submit a feedback request.


If you can attach the before and after packages that would be great.



Hope they are visbile, but they are 300MB each.. so dont know if the upload has succeeded.

I'm having issues finding your feedback item.


Please open Feedback Hub by hitting Win key + F, click on feedback on the left nav, then select my feedback. Click on the feedback item and hit Share on the top right corner, and paste the link for us here.



Here is the link:

Hi Stefan,


The packages uploaded successfully and that will help us review your issue.