Adobe reader DC - MSIX package error

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I am getting the below error after installing the adobe reader DC MSIX package. Does anyone successfully packaged Adobe reader DC. If so could you please let me know the steps. Thanks.


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I was able to get this working by opening the MSIX package with the MSIX Package Editor and remove all services from the package. Also, I edited the Package Files section by completely deleting the ProgramFilesCommonX86\Adobe\ARM directory.


Once I removed those items from the MSIX package, the error stopped popping up.


Not a reader issue, but acrobat pro. I've been attempting to package it to use within an Azure virtual desktop environment with no luck.

It fails for me due to the file extension on the plugins, which all end with .API and do not meet the .exe format expected.

 Not sure what impact removing all the plugins would have, i presume it would make the experience for the user quote poor.

Nice guide :)